At Your Service

“Despite my resting bitch face, I love making people smile,” says Yoshe with a rueful laugh. “I live to serve. That’s why hospitality’s my chosen field.”

It’s no coincidence Yoshe got a job offer from one of Tokyo’s most iconic hotels. Front desk phones are ringing off the hook as Japan sees record number of tourists flocking the country.

“With Tokyo Olympics coming, suddenly they realize the need to have international staff who can say a little more than just `toilet here’.”

Inside the teeming Ueno station

Growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia, Yoshe had little inkling she’d end up working in Japan, let alone attending to heads of state, celebrities, and the top brass of big business. One day, while doing an internship back home, she had an epiphany: “I never want to be stuck behind a desk in front of a computer all day, every day.”

That’s when our interloper decided to make a big move. “I came here because I’ve always admired Japanese culture and how punctual people are,” she says while also marveling at how things work in Japan. Buses and trains come on time like clockwork.

“Now I just hope they learn how to respect the human body when it comes to work,” she adds, her charming smile wiped off her face as she recalls passing out during one stressful day on the job.

Please take good care of yourself, Yoshe. There’s more to life than just the daily grind.

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Finding diversity and inclusion. Breaking down barriers one post at a time. Stories and snapshots of foreigners making their way in Japan.

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