Unconscious Bias

“I teach unconscious bias as part of a diversity and inclusion training program. The idea is that we, as individuals, have preferences for, against things that we are not aware of and yet everyone else gets impacted because they still get communicated. An organization, a team or even your friends and family are walking around expressing these things unknowingly. So I try to help people identify the source of those biases and establish how the brain operates in conjunction with it (because it’s a somewhat unfortunate, natural phenomenon that we access information as quickly as we can). It’s good to the degree that we don’t have to gather every piece of data about every new situation in day-to-day life. Our day would be extremely long just to simply wake up and get out the door if we had to understand what every object was. This then gets transferred to people and information we have about people; often based on pattern, context, and even our own experiences on the projection of those on others. So working with the brain’s functions, along with our own awareness of our personal experiences, then combined with a lot of interesting research that tests some of these theories (whether or not we do hold some of these truths) to help people identify when, where, and how these things show up. And then hopefully, once we bring awareness, we can alter our behaviors. Because we can’t do anything about something we don’t know is happening. We can then start to acknowledge it and change the way we’re behaving, which ultimately allows our interactions with other people to be better.”

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Finding diversity and inclusion. Breaking down barriers one post at a time. Stories and snapshots of foreigners making their way in Japan.

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