Ramen Beast

Nobody knows ramen the way Abram does: he visits 200 new ramen shops a year, posts reviews on Instagram (where he has amassed over 2,000 followers), and has even opened his own ramen restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he grew up. To top it all off, he also launched a city guide app that’s designed to find the best bowls Tokyo has to offer.

The smartphone app idea sprang from observing how “foreigners, when they come to Japan and want to eat ramen, get overwhelmed by a plethora of options.” He bemoans the fact that most of them end up going to major (but generic) chains due to the paucity of information in English.

 “If you really want to find good shops, you have to do some serious research on the internet; but 90 percent is written in Japanese.”

Abram rocking out a Bo Jackson shirt at a local festival

Abram, who is banking on the tourism boom in the run-up to the Olympics, hopes his new app will gain traction as popularity for the noodle soup dish continues to grow overseas. He says if his bet pays out, he’d “be able to eat ramen every day, all throughout the country and get paid for it.” Life couldn’t be better for this bon vivant.

So next time you’re craving Japanese food, just ask the Ramen Beast. That’s the app’s name and Instagram hashtag. (For more, visit www.ramenbeast.com)


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