Studying Abroad

Why did you pick Japan?

“We’re here on a one-year student exchange program. I’m a linguist. I came to Japan because I thought Japanese is interesting to learn. I took Japanese 4 years ago now and I just like the language. I speak five – Italian, French, English, Spanish and Japanese.”

“I’m studying Japanese in France, where I’m from. So in order to improve my level I guess it was better to come to Japan. I’m really in love with the history, especially the medieval one like the Sengoku jidai, this period of Japan. Also, I love all the culture, especially the traditional ones like geisha and special events like hanami (cherry-blossom viewing). They’re so different from what we have back home in France.”

“It’s weird because sometimes you go to some places and everything is different from Europe, from Western culture. But then you realize it’s not that different. It’s weird because you have both. So the culture, the way people behave, is really different; the way of thinking. But on the other hand, there are similarities which make you feel that the world isn’t so big. For instance, you’re here in Tokyo but you can find Italian things or French things even if we are on the opposite side of the planet.”

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