On a Mission

“When I came to Japan 25 years ago, I noticed people had little idea about Peruvian food. If you had asked people at the time what their impression was, they would’ve said beans, stews or it’s like Mexican food. But of course they’re very different. So I became a chef to get more Japanese people to try our cuisine, which is really popular in the world right now. My grandfather, who’s actually Japanese, was a cook and so was my father. Last year I opened my own restaurant here in Tokyo. It brings me great satisfaction to see customers leave happy after eating food that I serve. Even more so when they come back. And some customers come here not only for the food, but also to speak to me in Spanish. That gave me the idea to bring the Spanish-speaking community and locals together through parties and events, so they can enjoy the food while having a conversation in Spanish. Bienvenido a Aldo (Welcome to Aldo).”

Aldo with business partner, Isel, a teacher and model who also hails from Peru. They organize events for people interested in Peruvian food and the Spanish language. Their first event will be in April so stay tuned on their official Facebook page!


(Aldo is a third-generation Japanese-Peruvian, who comes from a long line of chefs. For more on his eponymous restaurant, visit baraldoperu.favy.jp)

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Finding diversity and inclusion. Breaking down barriers one post at a time. Stories and snapshots of foreigners making their way in Japan.

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