Tokyo Interlopers; Tokyo as seen through the lens of foreigners.

We had a wonderful chance to speak with Nathan from Japan Oblong on our humble beginnings and what inspired as to start Tokyo Interlopers. Here’s the interview and feel free to follow Japan Oblong so you won’t miss their insightful stories on Japan! Thank you, Japan Oblong!

Japan Oblong

Tokyo Interlopers aims to give insight in to the lives of Tokyo’s non-Japanese residents in the hope of allowing them to celebrate their differences. It’s also a project pointing towards the future of Tokyo.

I was first made aware of it through Time Out Tokyo, who likened Tokyo Interlopers to the famous Humans of New York, only with a foreigner twist. Rather than dilute the essential points of TI with my own interpretations, I decided to make a post with a straight-up Q&A, and let Cory and TI founder, Tac, tell the story for me.

Personally, I think Tokyo Interlopers is essential in helping to break stereotypes about foreigners in Japan and find some of the answers truly fascinating…

Tac Tac

Is the concept based on Humans of New York and what other motivational factors were involved?

Cory: The idea of New York is that it is a…

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Finding diversity and inclusion. Breaking down barriers one post at a time. Stories and snapshots of foreigners making their way in Japan.

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