Forever Changed

“Japan has changed me. I used to never be on time. I was always late for work back in India and I also never used to cook. But since my company sent me here last year as an IT engineer, my time management skills have greatly improved. Now I show up for work on time. I also started preparing my own meals at home. That’s a big achievement for someone like me. I’ve never left India. I didn’t have the money to travel abroad. So I consider myself lucky for landing in Japan on my first trip overseas. At first I thought it would be difficult to survive. I can’t speak the language and know nothing about the culture. My impression of Japanese food was that it’s too bland and not spicy enough. Plus I’m allergic to some seafood. But my worries and fears went away after meeting locals and trying their food. Japanese people are very friendly. A middle-aged man once helped me when I was lost while sightseeing in Hakone. We used Google translate on my phone to communicate and we connected over our common love for photography. Japan’s breathtaking nature is perfect for pictures. And my security concerns disappeared when I realized it’s so safe to take a stroll in my neighborhood even way past midnight. Now best of all, I’ve fallen in love with their cuisine, especially tamagoyaki (omelet). I’ve never tasted an omelet so sweet.”

“Photography is my passion.”


Having barbecue with new friends in Tokyo



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