A Series of Unfortunate Events

“We’ve had these strange experiences ever since we were children. A series of unfortunate events if you will. When we were eight years old, our best friend, who was the same age, died from heart failure. In the same year, we lost our uncle in a tragic way, and we were physically present when our grandfather died too. Fast forward to 2014, our grandmother passed away when we were already in Japan. She was our best friend. We spent more time with her than kids our own age, like going to the movies or sleeping over at her house. When she died, that was the start of our worst troubles. We lost our visas, our jobs, and apartment. We were attacked in our home and scammed by a fake visa specialist. At some point we even lived in an internet café. Everything was out of our control. No matter what we did, it was all falling apart. But we couldn’t imagine going back to the United States. Not after so many years in Japan, and since our grandmother wasn’t there anymore, we had no ties there.

“Maybe because we became aware of some dark aspects of life early on, we’ve always been into the Arts. Being in tune to the darker aspects of life gave us that ability to understand and create. We’re writers and we’ve always felt that we live somewhere between reality and other worlds. And the people of those worlds feel as if they are real; not just fiction. But the best part of creating is giving something to the audience. We all need that kind of entertainment to pull us away from reality so we can forget the world for a while. Our dream is to share the stories of these people and places with everyone in the world. Writing them is what got us through those times.

“Japan has been a catalyst for some of our greatest work. There’s something about this place. We’ve also had a lot of miracles here. Sometimes we wonder if these extremely bad circumstances are the cost for the miracles and all the wonderful people we’ve met. It’s perhaps true that the greatest art has come from some of the artists’ darkest times. So perhaps, even if only in that, we’re lucky for the hardships we’ve been through. They’ve seen us through to some of our best work. And in many ways, we have Japan, our second home, to thank for that.”

at Tokyo Skytree — their ‘Big Little Brother’


Making new friends in their neighborhood





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