Halloween Cosplay


“I’m from a small town in Austria, half an hour from Vienna. So Tokyo is a very new experience for me. It’s crowded but people respect each other. And their level of trust is amazing. My friend lost her wallet while we were out shopping but we got it back. We went to the police station and there it was. 500 euros still inside. That would never happen back home. In Austria, you better hold your bag like you’re holding for dear life when you’re on the subway. Although one downside here is you never see a garbage bin. And plastic bags are used everywhere.

The funny thing when I arrived in Japan was people asking me what costume I was planning to wear for Halloween. I told them I’m not really into the whole cosplay thing.

“So they asked, ‘Why did you come to Japan then if you don’t like manga or anime?’ But I think there’s more to Japan than manga, anime or cosplay. Nothing against them. I think they’re great. I just enjoy other aspects of Japanese culture. I must admit though, my friends and I go to karaoke a lot! That part I didn’t expect.

“The other day, I accidentally crashed a private barbecue party while attending a vegan food festival with a Swiss friend. They were celebrating some anniversary event. My friend and I didn’t want to disturb them so we were about to leave but they asked us to stay and even shared their food with us. We ended up gaining 15 new Facebook friends that day. This is why life is what you make of it. Too bad I’m only here for six months as an exchange student.”




この間、友人とビーガンのイベントに参加している時、急に全然知らないグループのバーベキューに混ぜてもらうことになったんです。その人たちは何かの記念をお祝いしているようでした。私も友達も邪魔したくなかったので離れようと思ったんですが、みんなが引き止めてくれて、しかもバーベキューまで食べさせてくれたんです。最終的にはfacebookの友だちを15人も増やすことになりました。これが、私が”人生は自分次第”という思いで生きている理由です。ああ、6ヶ月しかいられないなんて。本当に残念です。【翻訳: Loving Life in Tokyo

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Finding diversity and inclusion. Breaking down barriers one post at a time. Stories and snapshots of foreigners making their way in Japan.

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