The Big 30

“I just turned 30.
To me it’s a significant milestone. At 30 you’re supposed to know your place in society as an adult. And I feel like I am nowhere near that. Am I going to accomplish my goals here in Japan or should I go back home to beautiful Los Angeles, California? I’m having an inner dialogue right now. I’m asking myself what my core values are and how I want my future to look like. I clearly don’t have solid answers yet. But that’s why I’m soul-searching. And Japan is kind of a great place to be stuck in limbo.

That’s one reason you see so many expats who have been here for 10 to 20 years and be like, ‘I still don’t know what I’m doing.’

“Despite all that, I tell people who want to come to Japan that while it’s not easy, it’s also not that hard. I used to help students from overseas, those aspiring to study abroad in Japan, at my previous job. Most of them have doubts about going to school and finding work in Japan. I’d tell them it’s very possible to live their dream here. However, it is not a walk in the park. You’re no longer a baby. You need to be a grown adult. You have responsibilities. And part of the struggle is the language. Everyone speaks Japanese. There’s a work culture and you have to adhere to rules. There are lots of processes and procedures. I know it can be frustrating sometimes. But I always ask myself, ‘Has it been worth it (all the trouble I’ve been through)?’ And the answer is yes. Because my dream has always been to come here and live here.

“Now the question is, what’s next?”




だから今は、”次は何だろう?”って。【翻訳:Loving Life in Tokyo

“When I was growing up, I expected to be married at 25, buy a house and have kids by 30. It’s the typical American dream—white picket fence, two and a half kids. Maybe it’s a symptom of the millennial generation or maybe expectations have changed. But everyone I know is in a similar spot where getting married and having children is not the most feasible thing. Not saying it’s not possible. I know some who have. But it seems really scary.” 25歳までには結婚して、30歳までには家を買って2人の子どもがいる。典型的なアメリカン・ドリームかな。白いフェンスに、2人か3人の子ども。そうなるだろうって思いながら生きて来ました。ゆとり世代の症状なのか、ただ望むものが変わっただけなのか。僕も僕の周りの友だちも同じように、結婚することや子供を持つことが現実に起こりそうにないなって感じてるんです。絶対にあり得ないと思っているわけじゃないんですよ。結婚して子どもを持っている友だちもいるしね。でも何だかとても怖いんです。






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