“I’m not in the best place in my life right now. I would say I’m blessed, but I don’t feel the best. And now I’ve decided to leave and go back home to Taiwan, partly because of the virus. I came to Japan on a working holiday visa because of my boyfriend, who lives here (we met while I was traveling). But I haven’t been able to find full-time work. Before, I did some graphic design in New York as an intern for a Japanese advertising agency. That’s how I got exposed to their work culture. Plus Taiwan is geographically, as well as culturally, close to Japan. Still, I haven’t been able to get a real job due to the language, despite being able to read kanji. Although I must admit, I wasn’t really trying hard to begin with. So I did a lot of babysitting, mostly for international families. And I also did a few English teaching jobs as a tutor.

“But now I’ve decided to leave, especially with the virus and all. It’s not easy making my decision because of the timing and it’s such a sensitive topic. I don’t know if it’s OK to go back. I don’t know what I’m facing. Will I be quarantined? I’m worried because people are not so friendly to anyone returning from abroad right now. That’s what I heard. At the same time, since I don’t have a job here, it’s hard for me to make connections and it’s making me depressed. So let’s see. I hope I can find a job and get settled back in Taiwan. Then let’s see where things go with my boyfriend because he’s still gonna be here working. He’s not coming with me.”

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Finding diversity and inclusion. Breaking down barriers one post at a time. Stories and snapshots of foreigners making their way in Japan.

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