“When I tell people I’m Brazilian, they look at me with disbelief. How can someone look Asian and be from Brazil at the same time? But I am. I just happen to have Japanese blood. I’ve been told that I smile all the time, although I’m not always aware of it. Probably because I wasContinue reading

“I’m turning 33 this year. Most of my friends are either married or married with children. I’m kinda hoping this year will be my lucky year. Actually, I met someone online and we’ve been going out. She’s from Argentina. But she’s only here for a year so I better move fast if I wanna popContinue reading

Him: “When I told her I got an offer to work in Japan, she said, ‘You already said yes, didn’t you?’ And I’m like, ‘Umm…yeah.’ That’s how much my wife knows me. We met in college. We took up dentistry, but I work in advertising and she works for the government. She actually had toContinue reading

“He was abandoned by his owners a while back. Right now we’re looking to find him a new family. He’s a little shy because he doesn’t get much human contact, but he’s a good boy. I hope we can find him a new home soon. Otherwise he’ll be put to sleep. That’s why if you’reContinue reading

“This bag has sentimental value to me. My friend from when I was growing up gave it to me. She even made it herself. The seashells have special significance, too. You see, we lost touch and had not seen each other in years since me and my husband moved to Japan from Kenya. I wasContinue reading

***日本語は下記をご覧下さい*** “After having a miscarriage, we decided to try again and now here’s our feisty little one. He’s only six months old but he’s already bigger than your average Japanese baby. Once he learned how to crawl, he started leaving a trail of destruction at home. But he brings so much joy to us, whichContinue reading