“I became a vegan two years ago. I think I must have lost around six kilos in the first six months. Not only that, I have more energy now than I ever did before, contrary to what many people think. I’m originally from the Philippines, where meat is almost on every dish. But I’m gladContinue reading

“Is it wrong for a middle-aged man to dress this way? I’ve always wanted to cosplay. I love all things ‘kawaii’ (cute). So when this anime, called PriPara (プリパラ short for Prism Paradise), came out, I told myself let’s do it. Of course I get dirty looks everywhere I go. But who cares? It’s onlyContinue reading

“We’re all from Bangladesh. We came here to study Japanese so we can find a good job and hopefully a better life. It’s so hectic here. When we’re not studying, our waking hours are spent on part-time work delivering packages. Absolutely no time for girls or any kind of love life. Life’s seldom fair butContinue reading

“What’s this I’m wearing? It’s my take on East meets West fashion. I’m an Economics major but I really want to be a model or at least work in the apparel industry. Do you think I can become one?” このファッシオン?これは和服と洋服の組み合わせです。今は大学生で経済学部ですけど将来は本当にモデルになりたい。それかアパレル企業で働きたい。モデルになれると思う?

“I’m from Hong Kong. It’s crazy there right now. At least things got a little better after the election last month. But I’m not sure what’s going to happen. That’s why I’m here on vacation. I needed a break from all the madness. By the way, this crêpe is great.”香港出身です。向こうは大変なんです。まぁ今はマシになったけど。選挙のおかげで。ただどうなるかわかりません。だから旅行で日本に来ているの。逃げたかったわ。ちなみにこのクレープやばいよ!

“I’ve had run-ins with the law and even the yakuza (Japanese mafia). But my renegade days are behind me now. And when I do fight, I don’t use my fists. I use only words. It’s more effective. These days I’m a school counselor. But today I’m a dancer. I dance every weekend. Right now I’mContinue reading

“Care for some gelato?” ジェラトいかがでしょうか? — What’s in it? 何が入ってる? “Honey-berries but it’s called Haskap in Japan.” ハニーベリーだけど日本ではハスカップと言う