A Multicultural World

**日本語訳は下をご覧ください** “My father is Mexican and my mother is Japanese. Growing up in Mexico, some people would call me Chinita, which actually means Chinese. Aside from that, I never really experienced any discrimination because of my heritage. Although my whole life, there was this nagging feeling that I wasn’t completely Mexican. “As a kid, myContinue reading A Multicultural World

Bicultural Boundaries in Japan

  **日本語訳は下をご覧ください** “The half-Japanese community in Japan is really strong. We seem to band together. Maybe because there was a film made in 2010 about half-Japanese people that brought everybody out of the shadows. Suddenly people who grew up in a bicultural, biracial household have other people to talk to about these things. That bondsContinue reading Bicultural Boundaries in Japan

Twice the Fun, Half the Time

**日本語訳は英文記事の下をご覧ください** “When you’re biracial, you get the best of both worlds. But there are also times when you’re neither here nor there; you don’t exactly belong to either one. I’m both Filipino and Japanese, although I grew up in the Philippines. When I’m in Japan, I’m seen as Filipino—in other words, I’m a ‘foreigner’ here.Continue reading Twice the Fun, Half the Time